We advance your quest for excellence

QUESTALPHA develops specialized solid phases and devices specifically for medical and life sciences. With our high-quality materials and their unique properties, we offer solutions where absorbing, binding, retaining and separating 
molecules is needed.

With our Sugi® brand we offer two worldwide established product ranges based on our high-quality medical grade sponge material made of natural cotton and regenerated cellulose. Sugi® offers solutions in a wide field of applications such as diagnostics, wound care, hospital hygiene, ophthalmology, ENT, dentistry, neurosurgery and various microsurgeries – consistently expanding.

Innovations in the field of diagnostics and wound care are our focus, but we look forward to convincing other industries of the great potential of the application possibilities. We not only rely on our extensive experience with medical grade sponge material, but also find further innovative solutions based on other materials to provide the solid phase for customers that exactly solve their challenges. 

Let´s discover new solutions together!