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Kettenbach becomes Questalpha


Kettenbach Medical is now QUESTALPHA

On August 1, 2020 we have entered a new milestone in our successful company history. With the spin-off of the Medical division from the internationally oriented family business Kettenbach, our new company QUESTALPHA is founded.

Specialized solid phases for medical and life science
QUESTALPHA offer solutions where absorbing, binding, retaining and separating molecules is needed.
With our new name we are sending a clear signal of our corporate philosophy: “Quest” for active pursuit and “Alpha” for the best solution we find for each customer.

Innovation based on extensive experience 
We are building on a strong foundation: In 75 years of Kettenbach company history, the Medical division has become one of the leading manufacturers of medical grade sponge materials. QUESTALPHA begins the mission to further expand this core business and open up new market segments by developing new materials and product solutions for our customers.

Find out more about QUESTALPHA, our history, and our mission.