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Sugi® Inside

Customized Raw Material

As a device or component manufacturer, R&D specialist or material specialist, you are searching for a solution related to absorption, binding, retention or separation of molecules in medicine and life science? Let’s find out if our Sugi® medical grade sponge material based on high-quality pure cotton and regenerated cellulose can be a solution to your challenge.

With Sugi® Inside we offer proactive support and full service during the entire development process of your individual customized raw material. A wide range of applications already benefits from the versatile physical and chemical properties of the unique sponge material.

We always have the individual challenges as well as the necessary requirements and specifications of our customers in mind. Based on the material properties and characteristics, we adapt the medical grade sponge material Sugi® to the needs of our customers.



High absorption capacity, hydrophilic and faster wicking rate by compression.


Large surface area by open pore structure leads to high protein binding.


Liquid is held firmly and can be released by applying pressure.


Physical filter and fatty liquid barrier due to its structure and hydrophilic properties.

Best Conditions

Favorable conditions for use in medicine and life science applications.


Full service during the entire development process of your individual Sugi Inside®.


For example, the Sugi® medical grade sponge material is presently used in the following applications:

  • Cataract surgery
  • LASIK, etc.
  • Drug application
  • Absorption of fluids and secretion
ENT Surgery
  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Ear surgery
  • Drug application
  • Absorption of fluids and secretion
  • Absorption of fluids and secretion
  • Reaction chamber for specific biochemical reactions
  • Selective binding of specific proteins
  • Drug-testing devices
  • Absorption of fluids and secretion
  • Reservoir for specific solutions
Hospital Hygiene
  • Stable reservoir for isopropanol/ethanol while disinfecting specific devices
  • Processing donor skin
  • Absorption of fluids and secretion
Wound Care
  • Dialysis
  • Absorption of fluids and secretion
Drug Application Systems
  • Carrier for diverse watery solutions


You are looking for finished medical product solutions for use in hospitals or medical practices? Here you will find our branded product range for ophthalmology, ENT, and wound care, for example.