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Sugi® Products

Specialized Branded Products

Our branded products have become indispensable solutions for doctors and hospitals in a wide range of highly specialized applications, especially where fast, precise absorption or retention of fluid and secretion or drug application is needed. For example, Sugi® Products are highly established in micro- and macrosurgical procedures in the fields of ophthalmology, ENT (ear, nose and throat) and dentistry.

All Sugi® Products are made of or contain our Sugi® medical grade sponge material and therefore benefit from its unique properties. Due to the high-quality material they are exceptionally efficient and can absorb approx. 20 times its own weight of aqueous solutions in a very short time. A soft elastic expansion is initiated and, depending on the area of application, a soft compression of the surrounding tissue is affected. The Sugi® medical grade sponge material from QUESTALPHA is based on natural raw materials and does not adhere to the surface of a wound. It can be individually cut to length and shape.

Our Sugi® Products portfolio has been developed, continuously improved and expanded on the basis of 64 years of experience. Here you can find our innovative and reliable solutions for highly specialized applications.


ENT (ear, nose, and throat)

Wound Care


Sugi® Inside

You are looking for customized raw materials as a component, for example in medical devices or for the manufacturing process of medical products? Here you will find detailed information about our material properties and our services for component manufacturers, R&D or material specialists.

Product Documentation

Download directions for use, safety data sheets and further documents here.