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Sugi® Rhino Strips / Sheets

Disposable Absorbent Strips and Sheets

Sugi® Rhino Strips and Sheets are ideal for absorbing blood and secretion from the wound area during nasal endoscopic surgery. The sponge material made of pure cotton and regenerated cellulose can absorb up to 20 times its own weight in aqueous solutions in less than 3 seconds. Sugi® Rhino Strips and Sheets can also be used as a vehicle for vasoconstrictor medication. The highly biocompatible strips and sheets have exceptional tear resistance.

Advantages and benefits

  • Soft/elastic adaption to the surface of the mucosa 

  • Good fixation and supporting properties  

  • Does not adversely affect the pressure compensation in the middle ear 

  • Good tear resistance 

  • Bleeding is stopped mechanically by gentle, uniform compression (soft compression) 

  • Can be cut to shape when dry 


  • Postoperative nasal tampon and fixation splint for use after nasal surgery, especially after: septoplasty, septal thinoplasty, conchotomy, paranasal sinus surgery 

  • Tamponing after endoscopic ENT operations 

  • Swabs for use during nasal operations on the base of the skull 

  • Medication vehicle for aqueous antibiotic or vasoconstrictive liquids 

  • Fast-acting tampon for use after severe nasal hemorrhaging 


31711 Sugi® Rhino Strips, 200 x 15 mm, sterile, 20 x 1 pcs.

31721 Sugi® Rhino Sheets, 80 x 90 mm, sterile, 10 x 1 pcs

Rhino Sheets Product Pack

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