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Sugi® Endopad / Sugi® Anti-Fog Set

Sterile Disposable Endopads

Sugi® Endopad is available for secure cleaning and simultaneous application of an antifogging agent to the endoscope optic. The container has an adhesive strip on the back allowing the surgeon to place the Endopad at a place of his choice. Endopad effectively retains the liquid. The lens can be easily and gently cleaned in close proximity to the surgical site even when Sugi® Endopads are used upside down.

Advantages and benefits

  • Can be positioned close to the surgical site using the adhesive strip on the back and can be used on any material
  • Effectively retain antifogging agent in any position
  • Tightly bound fibers in the material guarantee a clear view
  • Tender, secure, and lint-free cleaning of the endoscope optic


  • Applying antifogging agents to optical instruments (e.g. endoscope)
  • Tender and secure wet cleaning of the endoscope optic


31785 Sugi® Endopad, 34 mm in diameter, sterile, 6 pcs.

36012.C1 Anti-Fog Set (Sugi® Endopad + antifogging agent), sterile,10 x 1 pcs.

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