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Sugi® Rhino Strips / Sheets

Disposable Absorbent Strips and Sheets

Sugi® Rhino Strips and Sheets are ideal for absorbing blood and secretion from the wound area during nasal endoscopic surgery. Sugi® Rhino Strips and Sheets can also be used as a vehicle for vasoconstrictor medication. The biocompatible strips and sheets have exceptional tear resistance.

Advantages and benefits

  • Soft/elastic adaption to the surface of the mucosa
  • Good fixation and supporting properties
  • Does not adversely affect the pressure compensation in the middle ear
  • Good tear resistance
  • Bleeding is stopped mechanically by gentle, uniform compression (soft compression)
  • Can be cut to shape when dry


  • Postoperative nasal tampon and fixation splint for use after nasal surgery, especially after: septoplasty, septal thinoplasty, conchotomy, paranasal sinus surgery
  • Tamponing after endoscopic ENT operations
  • Swabs for use during nasal operations on the base of the skull
  • Medication vehicle for aqueous antibiotic or vasoconstrictive liquids
  • Fast-acting tampon for use after severe nasal hemorrhaging


31711 Sugi® Rhino Strips, 200 x 15 mm, sterile, 20 x 1 pcs.

31721 Sugi® Rhino Sheets, 80 x 90 mm, sterile, 10 x 1 pcs.

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