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Rhino Sheets and Instrument Wipes

Sugi® Instrument Wipe

Disposable Absorbent Wipes

Sugi® Instrument Wipes are ideal for intraoperative sterile moist cleaning of instruments. The sponge material made of pure cotton and regenerated cellulose can absorb up to 17 times its own weight in aqueous solutions in less than 3 seconds and has exceptional tear resistance.  

Advantages and benefits

  • Fast absorption and the very high absorbent capacity 

  • No remaining fibers on surfaces  

  • High tensile strength 


  • Intraoperative sterile moist cleaning of instruments  


31766 Sugi® Instrument Wipes 80 x 80 mm, sterile, 20 x 1 pcs.


31962 Sugi® Instrument Wipes 80 x 80 mm, non-sterile, 250 pcs.

Further products of interest

Sponge Points

Sponge Points

Disposable absorbent swabs for ophthalmic surgery, as vehicle for aqueous or antibiotic medication and intraoperative absorption of blood and secretion

Endopad and Anti Fog Set

Sugi® Endopad / Sugi® Anti-Fog Set

Disposable endopads for secure cleaning and simultaneous application of an antifogging agent to the endoscope optic

Rhino Strips and Sheets

Sugi® Rhino Strips / Sheets

Disposable absorbent strips and sheets for use during nasal operations on the base of the skull and tamponing after (endoscopic) ENT operations